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Eye Tests for Children

Vision begins to develop at birth, but sometimes there are factors that interrupt this process. The Eyesite staff will assess all aspects of your child's vision, such as focussing, eye movement eye teaming and visual perception, as well as visual acuity (clarity of sight).


Adult Eye Examinations

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An efficient visual system involves many skills working well together and regular eye examinations are important in the detection and treatment of vision problems. More...

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a series of specific activities designed to develop and enhance visual skills such as tracking and reading eye movements, focussing, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. More...

Contact Lens Fitting

Using contact lenses for the first time can be a daunting experience. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in both the choice of lenses and their fitting, and can assist you in feeling confident to independently use your lenses once you leave the store.

Frame Fitting

Our Optical Dispenser has 25 years experience in helping  choose the right frame for you.  We carry a range of frames including Coco Song, Leona Edmiston, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jono Hennessy, SuperDry, Ted Baker, Jag, Adidas and Nike.


We carry a large range of sunglasses for men, women and children. We also stock an extensive lifestyle range that includes Carrera, Gucci, Wayne Cooper, Boss Orange and Bill Bass.  We can also fit all of these frames with prescription lenses – either for distance or multi-focals.

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